Counselling, Enquiry, Groups & Retreats with Be Browne

I am interested in all aspects of being alive, awake and human and finding the deep acceptance which enables us to welcome ourselves exactly as we are. I offer you a safe, welcoming space to explore whatever is challenging or difficult in your life as well as what supports and inspires you.

This work will help you to:
•  Listen carefully to yourself.
•  Cultivate kindness and acceptance.
•  Recognise limiting beliefs.
•  Gently release held trauma.       
•  Develop compassionate understanding.
•  Strengthen your confidence and capacity.
•  Live life fully.

With over 20 years experience of working therapeutically I have found certain key elements to be supportive and therefore central to this work:

Mindfulness or presence. This awareness gives us the sense of safety and space we need to explore and find out about ourselves and life.

Embodiment. Bringing our attention to the body helps us to stay grounded in the here and now, recognize how we are feeling and  is essential for the safe and effective release of held trauma.

Enquiry. This is a potent way of using open ended questions to help reveal what is not yet conscious. It is ike taking a torch into an unexplored cave so we can see what is there. Enquiry also helps bring to light beliefs (often not our own) that have shaped our ideas about ourselves and life.

Kindness and compassion are essential qualities in this work as they foster openness and understanding. With kindness we can welcome back the forgotten and rejected parts of ourselves and can also understand with more compassion what makes us think and behave the way we do.

I currently work with individuals, couples and groups and also facilitate retreats. I have a practice room at Space in Dartington( near Totnes) and in the centre of Exeter. I am a member of the NCS and abide by their code of ethics.