To explore what it is to be alive, awake and human in a group where you are welcome as you are is perhaps one of the most touching, revealing and growth-ful things we can do.

In the group we travel together through the landscape of the human condition from the place of presence which allows us to meet whatever is revealed with a spacious awareness. We are learning how to stay at home in ourselves and relate with others. Each person contributes to the whole with their unique expression.

Groupwork includes a mixture of meditation, inquiry, movement and sharing our experiences, revelations and hindrances.

Ongoing weekly/fortnightly group

Wednesday evenings 7 - 9.15pm at Bowden House, near Totnes
Cost £10 per week (paid on a half term basis)
The next term will begin on January 4th 2017
. The first week will be open as a taster session.

The ongoing nature of this group offers the opportunity to explore how we can live our lives from a place of embodied presence and what, in our case, comes in the way of this.

The regular aspect of the group can helps to appreciate the opportunities daily life offers us to wake up: how are we relating to our experience? What we are giving value to? What are we trying to avoid? What thoughts are we believing ? What helps us stay present in it all ? etc.

There is time each week for arriving and 'landing' in the body with meditation and movement, time for more in depth exploration through inquiry in pairs or in the whole group and some time for the unfolding of whatever is revealing itself for you personally.

Anyone with an interest in deepening self inquiry with a sense of self-responsibility is welcome. Please contact Be if you are interested.