About Be's Work

This work is based on my love and curiosity for life and a passion for supporting people on their awakening journey. The richness, depth and freedom this way of working has given me in my life is what fuels my desire to share it.

My interest in all aspects of being have led me to a variety of studies including counselling and psychotherapy, bodywork, movement, meditation and art. See my qualifications for more details.

An ongoing meditation and movement practice and over 20 years of studying embodied presence with the same teacher deeply inform my work.

My experience includes facilitating art workshops and design and build projects with children, gardening and farming with adults with learning difficulties, practising Shiatsu and massage, facilitating meditation, movement and inquiry groups and retreats and working as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

I have worked as a counsellor at the Margaret Jackson Centre in Exeter, for S.A.G.E. (an NHS funded charity for people suffering from the effects of sexual abuse) and currently have a private practice at both Dartington Space ( near Totnes ) and in the centre of Exeter.

I give thanks for my teachers, my peers, my family, my friends and this beautiful Earth for all the support, love and learning I receive without which I could not offer this work.