Thursday 17th November 2016


This is a unique, profound and embodied approach to exploring what it is to be alive, awake and human through meditation, movement, silence, inquiry, time in the beautiful surroundings and the sharing of our experience in good company.

A journey of commitment, courage and compassion: the commitment to stay with what is arising, the courage to see and feel it and the compassion to understand ourselves without judgement.

This is also a time for replenishment being in nature, eating nourishing food and allowing time for rest.

Kate is a Shiatsu and Rhythmic Healing practitioner with over 25 years experience of embodied meditation practice.

Be and Kate have a warmth and depth of connection that provides a welcoming and creative environment.

Bala Brook is situated in a unique location with a river running through the land and the open moors just through the gate.

Cost £275 including food, accommodation and tuition

If you are interested in this retreat or would like further information please contact Be.

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