Retreats offer the opportunity to step back from the busyness of our daily lives, loosen our attachment to habitual ways of relating and behaving and have the space to recognize what remains through all the changes. This ever-present awareness gets little appreciation when we are fixated with our thoughts and activities.

These retreats provide a carefully structured space in which to explore for yourself, with others, what it is to 'wake up' in both your humanity and your divinity, the ordinary and the extraordinary, to be both conscious and embodied.

Each retreat has its' own particular orientation, exploring certain aspects of being but all share the same starting point and destination which is always this, here, now.

All the retreats include meditation, inquiry, body awareness and simple movement, periods of silence and sharing what we are discovering along the way.

Upcoming Retreats

Returning a 3 day Embodied Presence Retreat
  January 10th-13th 2019
at Bala Brook Retreat Centre, Dartmoor.
Returning to our essential nature, to this body, this heart, this moment.
To return home requires the willingness to meet all the ways we leave.

 Belonging Nature Retreat with Fanny Behrens
A 5 day retreat at Gidleigh on Dartmoor August 15th-20th 2018
Feeling the support of body and land, of space and presence.
Nourished by the beauty and the simplicity of nature. Receiving and responding.Coming to know our place here on this Earth.                          



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